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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Life is full of pain and misery, cruel times and harsh endings. The nights go on without an end, and are broken with the fiery burning of the early sun, reborn into the morning sky, making us awaken into another day. It never ends, it's an ongoing cycle, but then if you look up, you'll see the light.

Don't let the harsh times veil you from the real beauties of life. Those simple things that bring a smile on one's face. I don't believe in wishes on stars, but I believe they were only an excuse to get people to look up, to hold onto hope, to know that there will always be something there to pull them out of the devouring darkness.

So, live life to the fullest and let the light seep through into your bones, absorb it and rebuild. Hold onto memories, those happy times, the ones that keep you going through the days. Do something worthwhile, make your time here as valuable as it should be, live up to your full potential.

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